“Enjoy a hearty yet healthy meal (we’re big fans of the veggie burger and market plate) with next to no guilt at this veggie-centric eatery.”

“Not surprisingly, Manhattan was found to be the healthiest borough…Soho/Tribeca came out on top, with a passion for grilled-chicken plates from Westville”

“The top layer is just scorched enough, and although it doesn’t take a genius to sneak some hog’s gold into mac, some definite thought went into the smoke-on-smoke pairing of bacon and Gouda.”

10 Best Mac and Cheeses in America:
“…some definite thought went into the smoke-on-smoke pairing of bacon and Gouda.”

“Their market vegetable dishes are always on point. The casually charming atmosphere is perfect for a quick lunch or a laid-back dinner with friends.”

Masters of Disguise Among Meatless Burgers: “Westville’s deep-fried blend of corn, cauliflower, broccoli, roasted red pepper and other ingredients now sells out on a regular basis.”

“Westville in, you guessed it, the West Village (in NYC), is the sort of restaurant with something for everyone… but not in that 3am at a diner in NJ “yes-we-have-crabmeat-stuffed-and-broiled-scrod” kind of way.”

“Westville helps satisfy your big cravings with fresh alternatives. Westville’s fresh options and great prices make it easy to eat your vegetables.”

“One of NYFW’s Top 10 Eating Spots”

“Order for delivery and you’ll be eating responsibly within 15 minutes. They’re fast.”

“They use all fresh and simple ingredients, and they have a selection of vegetable sides that could be a menu on its own.”

“Westville never fails for a great meal, but it’s also one of my favorite places to pop into for the cutest cup of coffee and some snacks to enjoy with friends.”

“Market sides are the starring attraction at Westville – a daily selection of as many as 30 dishes ranging from artichoke hearts to zucchini.”

A quote from Vanessa Bayer: “Who doesn’t love Westville?”

“Westville is ideal for a wide variety of diets, including vegan, and the market side menu is particularly excellent.”

“Eating at Westville feels as if you’ve pulled up a chair at your local farmer’s house. The food is fresh and simple and the interior is relaxed and inviting.”

“Try items from the Market menu for uniquely prepared veggies that will leave you full but wanting more all at the same time.”


“It’s a place that knows who it is, and what it does well, and it feels wonderful to be inside of it.”


“The restaurant is best known for turning brussels sprouts into a comfort food.”

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“Very healthy lunch and dinner. They make it easy to get your daily vegetables in.”